How do you grow and maintain grass?

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How do you grow and maintain grass?

Check the sprinkler system to ensure that it distributes water evenly throughout the lawn. If the lawn has been mowed throughout the season, you will have to water more often. But even the longest lawn needs moisture. So, if you choose to water during a dry spell, make sure you water deeply and infrequently. You must also take time to have your rain gutters cleaned and make sure that there's no clog that might cause the water to not drain properly and overflow. You can hire a professional gutter cleaning service like Gutter Cleaning Chesterfield MI if ladder works are not for you. 

Frequent, shallow watering encourages lawns to develop short roots, causing turf stress during droughts. An inch of water a week is a good rule of thumb for keeping your grass green during the hot summer. Just be sure to water as early in the morning as possible, between 6 in the morning and 10 in the morning, to help reduce evaporation waste. To get the most out of your watering routine, use a sprayer that covers the entire lawn area.

Make a schedule for early watering in the morning, between 6 and 10 in the morning. Watering in the middle of the day or night may not produce the best results. Whether you're just starting out, doing maintenance, or troubleshooting, here you'll find tips and answers for all your lawn care needs. Light splashes moisten only the grass and soil surface, encouraging shallow root growth and increasing the need for more frequent watering.

A well-fed lawn grows in dense areas, displacing weeds and cooling the soil, helping to withstand the heat.

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